Top 5 things to know when hiring a Proposal Planner

Things to know when hiring a Proposal Planner

Tell us about the proposal? It’s a question everyone will ask for a lifetime, especially throughout your engagement. Give your Hunny something to brag about!! A Proposal Planner can assist with executing & enhance your memorable moment. You are celebrating a life changing moment that should be perfectly planned.

  1. Determine the Future Mrs/Mr Likes & Dislikes

You want to be able to provide as much information to your planner about your love story. Be prepared to discuss special moments in your relationship, shared interest, things that please them, and things that make them cringe. This will help your planner create the perfect proposal that will wow your other half.

  1. Determine Budget

Most proposal planners provide a variety of options for you to choose from. Some have preset packages and you add your love story details. Custom proposals are also offered. The most important element is to add the details of your relationship to make any choice personal and tailored to your love story.

  1. The Planner’s Rolodex

One reason you are hiring a planner is to help with the details. For example, a “simple” picnic in the park has lots of moving parts some neglect to realize.  You may need a table, two chairs, table linen & napkins, prepared food, flatware/glassware, permit from the park, photographer, timeline, and so much more. Your planner will be able to source all the vendors you get to execute the planned vision.

  1. The Details You Forgot

When you hire a planner you will be asked lots of questions to determine what the best proposal idea is for you. A proposal planner (especially a woman) will think of all the details you may not think matters. The details will be the icing on the cake. Having a violinist play your favorite song as you walk down a candlelit pathway to a table set for two, a personalized poem awaiting, and you pop the question. Doesn’t that sound better than dinner at your Hunny’s favorite restaurant? Bringing in our perspective will heighten the emotions of the moment.

  1. Your Secret is Safe

Of course the BFF would love to help, but their suspicious behavior (and yours) would be a give away for sure. You want the element of surprise and for everything to go smooth without a hitch. You want someone to work on your behalf without spilling the beans about the proposal.

If you are ready to PTQ (pop the question), let us assist with the plan. Let’s get started now! We have packages you can pick from or let’s go custom. Either way, we will help you make your proposal memorable.  Take a peek at our offerings.  


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