5 Mistakes You’re Making When Proposing

5 Mistakes You’re Making When Proposing

We’ve heard far too many times mistakes made when it’s time to PTQ (Pop The Question). There are a few things we want to share so you don’t mess up your big moment! Remember this is the “magic moment” everyone will ask about. “Tell me about your proposal!”

Mistake #1- Not Asking the Parents

Family can be an important part of the future Mrs. life. Asking the parents is a sign of respect and gesture that family matters.

Mistake #2- Missing Bling

No ring, no need to ask! If your thinking, “I want her to pick her own ring”, that’s ok. Get her a simple band and go ring shopping afterwards. Their are even some jeweler willing to allow you to exchange a ring within a certain time frame. Don’t show up empty handed.

Mistake #3- No Game Plan

Not thinking your proposal through can end up in a disaster. Every women wants to feel special! Thoughtfulness is the key to her heart. Women loooove the emotional part of anything, it’s our natural mechanism to cry and be mushy.  If you don’t have a plan, hire a proposal planner.  We would be more than willing to help you bring the emotions and personal details needed for your proposal.

Mistake #4- Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Timing is everything, that’s the old saying. It’s TRUE! Be mindful of things going on in your life and her life. Take into consideration what’s important to her. Is she a private person? Does she want  family around? Are the holidays a good time? A long hike may not be a great option for a girl that isn’t fond of the outdoors (not so romantic to her).

Mistake #5- Exhibiting Funny Behavior

Don’t let her suspect you are up to something. If you can’t help it, start acting funny in advance. Do things you typically don’t do a few weeks before you pop the question. Make reservations for dinners, suggest a walk in the park, whisper sweet nothings on the couch, take out the trash without being asked. This way she won’t think anything of the candlelit dinner you prepared for the proposal because you have been the sweetest boyfriend for the past few weeks.

Photo by Loyall Hart of Knight Weddings


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