10 Things You Didn’t Know About BEC’s Leader


10 Things you probably didn’t know about Ashley:

I’m the Owner/Lead Planner for Blush Event Company. I love being the right-hand to my couples and bringing their planned details together. I’m the Co-Founder of Wedding Creative Sessions, workshops for wedding business owner. At WCS, we educate professionals to better their businesses one topic at a time.I’m born, raised, and still residing in Georgia! Yep, a true Georgia Peach.

  1. Every meal must be accompanied by sweet tea, (NOT iced tea) lol. I wish I could travel with it when I go to the North.
  2. I think I was a comedian in my past life and some of those traits stayed with me.
  3. Y’all, reckon, finna, and shug is all REAL words. If you don’t think so, bless your little heart!
  4. I’m a Master at Taboo and will challenge anyone to a casual (competitive) game anytime.
  5. I’m a super duper dog lover! I think dogs are the  most loving creature on earth!
  6. I’m a lover of GiGi New York bags. Mandatory to add one or two every year to my collection. Thanks to Beth of Seersuckles and Saddles, I’m hooked.
  7. In my mind Moscato isn’t just a dessert wine. I’ll have a glass with french toast, strawberries and bacon at 11am. That’s not wrong, right?
  8. My role model is none other than my Mommy. She is giving, loving, nurturing,supportive and super fierce. We have a standing DAILY call during our evening commutes.  
  9. I have well over 100 pairs of shoes. It’s a hereditary thing!

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me! Let’s stay connected via our social media platforms. Instagram is our favorite, @BlushEventComp

Photo by Michelle Davina Photography


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